'Embryonic Spaces'
2015-ongoing USA
2015-on going USA
'Blue River'
2014--on going China/USA


'Anatomy of a Prototype'
2014 China
'Particles Matter'
2012-14 China
'Portable Spatial Sensing Kit'
2013-14 China


'10 Chinese Cities'
2013 China
'Breathe: wearing your air'
2012-13 China/Australia
'Breathe: the air we share'
2012-13 China/Australia


'Nausea Transformer'
2007 UK
'Life Speculatrix'
2006-07 UK
'Long Live the New Video Flesh'
2004 Portugal

'3D Digital Free Hand Modeling'
2003 UK
'City of Gestures'
2003 UK
'Mix design - Tangible Mixed
Reality in Concept Design'
2001-02 Portugal
Exhibition & Curation Design
20010-14 UK/China

Augmented Architectures [AA]
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