'Breathe: the air we share'  
Nancy Diniz & Bennedict Anderson
China/Australia 2012-[on-going]

exhibited at Lisbon Architecture Trienalle - 'Close-Closer' Associated Projects
{Sep 30 - Oct 4 2013}
Exhibition room, Building II, 1st Floor
Av. Das Forças Armadas, 1649-026
Lisbon, Portugal

Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (XJTLU)
Center for Contemporary Practices, UTS
ADETTI/ IUL Advanced Research Centre
Project funded by a SURF grant/XJTLU

  The project is about the interaction between people and the air environments that surrounds us and proposes an ‘actioning’ for better air quality through individual’s capacity to read the invisible and understand the congested blue/grey tinge that hangs above as testaments to modern city living. In particular the project focuses and illustrates the pollution problem in China. “Breathe” acts as a walkable protest to action governments to begin to ‘clean’ our environments of air pollution, producing healthier living and ultimately, economically viable health systems.

Exhibition Proposal:  'An Archeology of Air '

The exhibition space will be formulated on Lisbon Architecture Triennale theme 'Close, Closer' by associating the air we breathe to the invisible intimacy of the air we share. The project will be realized through:
  Materialization 1: Close – 'Breathing Air'
The first materialization of the exhibition is the mapping of space through the reading of its differing air quality. Visitors will be given an opportunity to wear pins over their clothes to read the changing levels in air quality over a walk around the ISCTE/IUL campus. The participant’s air quality recordings are mapped onto a projected visualization in the exhibition space. This data-flow will show a growing archeology of information and will frame a matrix of air qualities found in the campus over the period of the exhibition.

Materialization 2: Closer – 'Filtering Air'
This space will attempt to visibly show the invisibility of air as a human condition: original x-rays of human lungs both affected and non-affected by toxic air, forming a pattern or mosaic within the space.
  Materialization 3: Closest – “Substituting Air'
To show the invisibility of air the space will appear fluid with floating balloons recording air quality from different parts of the world in real time. This part of the installation recreates the symbolic naivety of air – a weightless pure element floating in space. To accompany this poetic notion, juxtaposition will be shown as to the contemporary condition of polluted air in a country, China, where the quality of air is increasingly becoming vastly depleted.

'Breathe – the air we share' is part of a collective proposal between three individual projects together with 'CLOSE to cities and CLOSER to people' from ISCTE‐IUL and 'Ghost Cities' from University of South Australia. [more here].
[see 'Pin wearers' routes: Mapping Pollution in China]

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'Breathe: the air we share' Images © Nancy Diniz/Bennedict Anderson 2013