Latest News:
> Nancy Diniz awarded a residency fellowship at EYEBEAM, NY, USA

> Nancy Diniz presenting at TXA Emerging Design + Technology, 76th Annual Convention and Design Expo, 5-7 Nov 2015, Dallas USA.

> Research on biomaterials by Nancy Diniz  featured on Inside Rensselaer, Sept 2015

Konomi, S. and Roussos, G., eds, Diniz, N. 'Towards Real-Time Materiality', chapter In 'Enriching Urban Spaces with Ambient Computing, the Internet of Things, and Smart City Design' published by IGI Global, 2016. (forthcoming)

> Nancy Diniz, selected for an internship at Shigeru Ban Architects, Tokyo, Japan, as consequence of the winning entry 'MUSHRICE Series', exhibited at MILANO EXPO 2015, Aug 2015


> 'Material and Immaterial based Design Approaches' Education Seminar, AIANYS Design Conference 2015 Dyson A., Diniz, N., Draper, J., Regulinski, M., 22-25 Oct 2015, Saratoga Springs, USA

> Diniz, N., (2015) 'Anatomy of a Prototype' and 'MUSHRICE Series' in Proceedings for ACADIA 2015 Computational Ecologies, 22-24 Oct 2015, Cincinnati, Ohio USA

'MUSHRICE Series' Honorable Mention Prize winner, promoted by  SCoopA /'Solutions' competition, and exhibited at Milano EXPO 2015, Jun 2015, an on-going research project at CASE/RPI by Nancy Diniz

> Nancy Diniz new Faculty member of the Architecture School of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) / CASE, Dec 2014, New York City, USA


> 'Body Architectures for Unstable Environments' Diniz, N., Anderson, B. (2014) exhibited at Clouds Pavilion, an uninvited pavilion for the 2014 Venice Biennale commissioned by Reality Cues

High Commendation Prize
for 'Most Innovative Teaching Practice' category XJTLU Teaching Prizes, June 2014, Suzhou China

'Anatomy of a Prototype' Diniz, N., Liang, H. (2014) exhibited at 'Design and Research: Shared Territories' Exhibition, 28th Oct-11 Nov 2014, Suzhou China

Diniz, N., Liang, H. (2014)
'A Mobile Sensing Kit for Urban Analysis - more legible, quantifiable intangible and temporary data', in Proceedings for eCAADe 2014 FUSION, Northumbria University, 10-12 September 2014, Newcastle, UK

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