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> Diniz, N., Liang, H. (2014) 'A Mobile Sensing Kit for Urban Analysis - more legible, quantifiable intangible and temporary data', in conference proceedings for Ecaade 2014 FUSION, Northumbria University, 10-12 September 2014,  Newcastle, UK (forthcoming)

> Diniz, N., Liang, H. (2014) 'From body to building envelopes – an environmentally responsive self-powered solar modular system' in conference proceedings for the 9th ENERGY FORUM on Advanced Building Skins, 28-29 October 2014, Bressanone, Italy (forthcoming)

Chang, Y., Cheng, B., Diniz, N., Dong, Y., (2014) ‘Live Project’ Rural-Urban Integration–Community Design and Participation at Binjiang Yuan neighborhood in Suzhou, SIP’ for the 2nd Annual Learning and Teaching Staff Colloquium at XJTLU, Suzhou, China, 25th April 2014. (forthcoming)

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Augmented Architectures [AA] is a design practice researching on adaptive and interactive systems, mobile media, smart materials and data visualization
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'10 Chinese Cities' Lisbon Architecture Trienalle 2013. Photo © Nancy Diniz 2013
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