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> Nancy Diniz awarded a residency fellowship at EYEBEAM, NY, USA

> Nancy Diniz presenting at  TXA Emerging Design + Technology, 76th Annual Convention and Design Expo, 5-7 Nov 2015, Dallas USA.

> Research on biomaterials by Nancy Diniz  featured on Inside Rensselaer, Sept 2015

Konomi, S. and Roussos, G., eds, Diniz, N. 'Towards Real-Time Materiality', chapter In 'Enriching Urban Spaces with Ambient Computing, the Internet of Things, and Smart City Design' published by IGI Global, 2016. (forthcoming)

> Nancy Diniz, selected for an internship at Shigeru Ban Architects, Tokyo, Japan, as consequence of the winning entry 'MUSHRICE Series', exhibited at MILANO EXPO 2015, Aug 2015

> 'Material and Immaterial based Design Approaches' Education Seminar, AIANYS Design Conference 2015 Dyson A., Diniz, N., Draper, J., Regulinski, M., 22-25 Oct 2015, Saratoga Springs, USA

> Diniz, N., (2015) 'Anatomy of a Prototype' and 'MUSHRICE Series' in Proceedings for ACADIA 2015 Computational Ecologies, 22-24 Oct 2015, Cincinnati, Ohio USA

'MUSHRICE Series' Honorable Mention Prize winner, promoted by  SCoopA /'Solutions' competition, and exhibited at Milano EXPO 2015, Jun 2015, an on-going research project at CASE/RPI by Nancy Diniz

> Nancy Diniz new Faculty member of the Architecture School of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) / CASE, Dec 2014, New York City, USA

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